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Sustainability with Innovation

For every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air.

Secret Trees is an Industrial hemp social impact project

When cultivated, essentially, hemp helps sequester or “trap” carbon from the air into plants. It can help us achieve sustainability and even move beyond to regeneration. We need to adopt it and people need to know about how versatile hemp truly is, the better.

It is possible to make alternative building materials with the stalks, such as hempcrete.

These small, brown seeds are rich in protein, fiber, and healthful fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s.

Hemp could make a perfect, environmentally friendly and sustainable substitute for cotton and synthetic fibres, which both shelter several hazards.

Hemp cellulose can be extracted and used to make cellophane, rayon, celluloid and a range of related plastics

Hemp seed oil and can be used in any conventional diesel engine. Research shows hemp oil has a 97% conversion rate into biodiesel

They “cooked” Hemp bark into carbon nanosheets and built supercapacitors “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard.


Billion cellulosic ethanol yield gallons from 1/4 US cropland


Tones of CO2 are captured per one hectare


Tones of dry yield per acre can be harvested


% Less GHG emmisions from cellulosic ethanol


Secret Trees aims to become a producer and processor of hemp. It will release its equity in tokenized form, which will pave the way to implementing a blockchain-based platform for increased transparency and efficiency in the industrial hemp market globally.

ST Equity

“STE” Is an equity of Industrial hemp producer and processor that is creating refined products for a fast-growing consumer market.

Technology approach

Using Blockchain technology and a specialized tokenization protocol for the Hemp supply chain to access futures and call option contracts

Focus Groups

Stimulates and promotes Hemp growth, manufacturing and supply throughout Europe.

Environmental Impact

Encourages the use of renewable and environmentally friendly materials replacing environmentally damaging products and processes

The Secret Trees Equity (STE)

Securities Token Offering

The Core (ownership) layer of Secret Trees is the Equity Token, STE. Ownership participation and all rights in Secret Trees will be contained within STE in the form of fundamental smart contract, which will cover key features including general voting rights, rights to profit distributions.

Access to the Secret Trees derivatives contracts (STS)

Individuals, growers and hemp producers are provided access to derivatives contracts trough our ST seeds backed token STS. This token entitles a user to access processing facilities and products, and “derivatives”-type contracts.


Secret Trees embraces both financial and technological innovations in the pursuit of our objectives.

Secret Trees will create a platform to provide an innovative solution to facilitate the interaction between producers, investors and consumers.


Our dream is to replace products which are causing such damage to our environment with the environmentally-friendly, carbon-positive alternative potential of Hemp and thus contribute in a small way to reversing the ecological crisis.


Our objective is to create an ecosystem where the production of hemp and the materials and products it offers can benefit producers and consumers alike and provide a positive environmental impact.

“It was legal to pay taxes with hemp in America from 1631 until the early 1800s. (LA Times. Aug. 12, 1981.)”




Secret Trees Projects development takes to first sustainable holiday cottage development. Where the asset holders will be able to meet the product on site. The site is 22 hectares (54 acres) of land next to an 9 km (5.9 miles) long lake and should be used as ST Projects MVP.

“0.03€ seed that gives you shelter, clothes, feeds you and drives to work…by that is biodegradable!

It is not science!”

Concept is to starting from 15 cozy and comfortable cottages made out of wood and hempcrete using traditional methods. It will include 3 treehouses which can accommodate up to 5 people in each. Perfect place for spending time.


“We believe in an environmentally and socially sustainable future so much that we built out sustainable cottages with Hemp! With around three luxury treehouses next to 9km long lake”

Ilze Sermola

Founder of Secret Trees Gardens

Founder of “Secret Trees Gardens” Sustainable Holidays Cottages

Ilvers Sermols


Development for Sustainable Implementation of Cryptocurrency in Secret Trees

Borys Bodnar


Delivering technically correct and business-oriented outcomes.

Rob Begley

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

“Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with.”

Daniel Blanco


Highly data-driven, committed to designing coherent enterprise platforms

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“Our factory and farm yard looked like a graveyard of all kinds of agricultural machines,” remembers HempFlax CEO Mark Reinders.

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A new hemp law in Washington state has marijuana growers concerned about the potential of cross-pollination from hemp fields, which could prove disastrous to their bottom line if it occurs.

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PanXchange, a physical commodities OTC market structure solutions provider, has launched an institutional-grade industrial hemp exchange. 

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This age of innovation is marked by a 50% increase in greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere since 1990. 



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