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Secret Trees is providing a truly inspiring opportunity for tackling climate change, connecting developers, artists and their families, as well as companies small and large, can all take part in the fight.

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Secret Trees

Our dream is to replace products which are causing such damage to our environment with the environmentally-friendly, carbon-positive alternative potential of Industrial Hemp and thus contribute in a small way to reversing the ecological crisis. We want to make our contribution to preserving this beautiful world for future generations.

Environmental Impact Solution.

Encourages the use of renewable and environmentally friendly materials made of hemp and lead by tech to replace damaging products and processes.

Social Development Driven.

Our governance vote to access the environmental and sustainable hemp projects which currently are vitally important to our planet.

Governance DeFi.

Stimulates and promotes Hemp growth, manufacturing and supply Globally to reduce carbon footprint while share back to the initiative community.

Hemp is a plant which has been badly misunderstood and under-utilised, even prohibited. It is incredibly versatile and one of the most productive sources of fiber, oil, fuel and protein on our planet, with an amazingly positive impact on the environment.

Hemp cellulose will be extracted and used to make cellophane, rayon, celluloid and a range of related plastics.

These small, brown seeds are rich in protein, fiber, and healthful fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s.

Hemp is environmentally friendly and sustainable substitute for cotton and synthetic fibres that also protects our skin against UV rays emitted by the sun.

It is possible to make alternative building materials with the stalks, such as hempcrete. Which is health beneficial and pesticides unfriendly.

From the hemp bark we will create carbon nanosheets and supercapacitors “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard.

Hemp seed oil will be used in any conventional diesel engine. Research shows hemp oil has a 97% conversion rate into biodiesel.

1 tonne of hemp straw is able to capture 0.445t of carbon, which is 1.6t Co2, in 120 days.


Secret Trees Platform

The Secret Trees platform provides a global marketplace for all producers, processors and retailers of hemp and cannabis products, using its utility token as an international payment method, facilitating B2B and retailing contracts anywhere in the world. The Secret Trees platform is a direct link to the raw and renewable hemp market, allowing access to the supply chain and providing a market spot price for hemp and hemp byproducts



At the core of the Secret Trees model is to grow hemp for Industrial applications. Hemp is known family member from Cannabis Sativa L. planting a seed isn’t just about growing trees, but also people, planting a seed of inspiration and incentive for manufacturers and retailers, while at the same time planting a seed of empowerment and financial stability for some of the poorest, most affected communities, providing not only the tools but also the knowledge and expertise to grow further, all in the hopes of a cleaner, greener planet.


How Secret Trees works!

Secret Trees HPI Activity

Platform transaction fees are being collected for HPI (Hemp Planting Initiative)

Secret Trees Governance Utility

Stake your inefficient coins against Secret Trees hempDAO governance vote.

Secret Trees

Carbon tracking

Use hempDAO to farm carbon contracts from ST HPI


Let’s grow Hemp and vote where to store its CO2!

To improve the future of the environment Secret Trees welcomes you to participate in our Pilot project an crypto friendly hemp village development.

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In its simplest form, decentralized finance is a system by which financial products become available on a public decentralized blockchain network, making them open to anyone to use, rather than going through middlemen like banks or brokerages. Unlike a bank or brokerage account, a government-issued ID, Social Security number, or proof of address are not necessary to use DeFi. More specifically, DeFi refers to a system by which software written on blockchains makes it possible for buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers to interact peer to peer or with a strictly software-based middleman rather than a company or institution facilitating a transaction.

Multiple technologies and protocols are used to achieve the goal of decentralization. For example, a decentralized system can consist of a mix of open-source technologies, blockchain, and proprietary software. Smart contracts that automate agreement terms between buyers and sellers or lenders and borrowers make these financial products possible. Regardless of the technology or platform used, DeFi systems are designed to remove intermediaries between transacting parties

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