Secret Trees Team.

Founders husband and wife and so as a whole army of secret teams..

ilze sermola


As a journalist Ilze was interested in everything - keeping her eyes and ears open. she came across information on how healthy hemp and its by-product hempcrete are for humans and the environment. As she delved deeper, she discovered more and more about the wonderful properties of hemp, the harmful products and processes which over the years have been seriously damaging our environment and how hemp can help reverse this damage. She decided that actions speak louder than words, so she have decided to set an example by her and grow hemp. My husband engaged in my objectives and provided more impetus to give my ideas greater ambition. The results are amazing!

ilvers sermols

Co-founder / CEO

Ilvers previously worked as a customer service specialist in Private Lending for ExpressCredit LLC. Knowledge of the credit sector have provided a great deal of experience in Financial Services. 

The birth of Ilver's first child gave him a new vision to focus on the need for environmental change. His experience was enriched working with one of Latvia's leading pre wood processing factories, "PATA" AS, in which he grew his awareness, knowledge and capacity to search for new resources which do less harm to the environment. This inspired Ilvers towards the economic and ecological potential of industrial hemp, which resulted in the founding of Secret Trees.

Ilvers' vision is to combine the emerging blockchain technology with asset tokenization to maximize the increasing value and potential of industrial hemp.

Ilvers’ professional experience includes: Project development, human resourcing, Cryptographic architecture, design and sales execution.

borys bodnar


Borys is a graduate in International Relations with a long professional career in strategic and regulatory consulting, risk and change management, with experience in Financial Services, international taxation, corporate strategy and operational excellence. 

Borys has advised individuals, owner-managed small and medium businesses, professional practices and charities in all aspects of tax, compliance, risk management and strategic planning. 

During the last 18 years, Borys has taken a lead role in banking and financial services with companies such as BNY Mellon, Deloitte Financial Services and Commerzbank, implementing and managing cross-border compliance, international regulatory and strategic change. 

In 2012 he moved to Geneva to work with HSBC Private Bank, implementing changes in operational regulations, client tax transparency as well as taking a lead role in strategic projects and as global manager of tax risk for the Private Bank. Borys focuses on helping to define and execute corporate strategy and manage risk.

He brings pragmatism, order and structure to complex subjects and changing environments, to provide solutions-based guidance and certainty. 

He believes strongly in the environment, innovation and challenging the status quo to make the world a better place, through a structured and common-sense approach, focussed on delivering valuable outcomes. 

daniel blanco


Daniel is a graduate in Computer Engineering with a strong professional career in software development, team management and information security. Daniel is an ambitious problem solver, with a passion for online businesses and has a lot experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. As someone who takes responsibility for his own personal development, Daniel continually evaluates and upgrades his skill set so that he stays at the cutting edge of the field. Daniel is natural problem solver, who has proven himself by successfully completing projects for IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies and IT departments around the world. In the recent years Daniel has worked in numerous projects and companies around the world, with multicultural teams and always works with a keen and efficient focus on the fulfillment of the client’s individual goals. Daniel has now focused his development on information security and, as a leading advisor in the field, has established relationships with businesses and customers, interpreted and applied standards, policies, best practices and analyzed threats and vulnerabilities. He is also currently working on designing system security strategy and architecture. He has led teams and promoted use of security requirements for System Development Life Cycle across multiple IT projects. Daniel is a hard-working and adaptable all-rounder who is an asset to any team. 

rob begley

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Rob is an Information Manager in the public sector in London whose area of specialisation is information and records management (IRM).

A keen environmentalist and committed information professional, his role covers many critical organizational facets including IRM, information security, information governance and risk management.

Rob is a Northumbria University MSc graduate in Information and Records Management, researching and writing his Dissertation on ‘IRM and Blockchain Technology: Understanding its potential and application’.

Writer, speaker and research associate, Rob is interested in emerging technologies such as Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and how they may impact on IRM and the wider world.

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